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What are maintenance services?

Maintenance services are tasks that you can request from us, in the form of lists of changes that need to be made to the website, implementation of functionalities additional server configurations, etc.

Maintenance is counted based on the time of completion of the tasks, and will be billed at a certain price per hour of work, under the terms of the contract closed.

Flexible maintenance
pay as much as you use
unlimited validity
invoice at one month or 5 hours
recommended: small tasks
* exclusive VAT
50 / hour
Maintenance 5
5 hours of maintenance
a month of validity
equivalent 47 € / hour
equivalent ~ 5 hours / month
recommended: average tasks, errors, updates
save 15€ - 6% * prepaid * exclusive VAT
235 / package
Maintenance 10
10 hours of maintenance
3 months of validity
6 months of validity
equivalent 45 € / hour
equivalent ~ 3 hours / month
hours distribution as needed
6 months package validity!Offer expire on 31.05.2024
save 50€ - 11% * prepaid * exclusive VAT
450 / package

How can we help you?

We offer a package of services optimized for your business, that provide a fast online development.

Maintenance customers

50+ clients, 100,000+ hours dedicated to projects, and the journey continues!